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"Cloud-based technology brings us to the future"

Why we love to work at Amesto.

  • Amesto gives me the opportunity to work on exciting and challenging projects together with committed and competent colleagues. It's incredibly rewarding to create value for customers by delivering smart solutions and helping to develop businesses in different industries and countries. We are a wonderful team and have a lot of fun in an educational and developing environment. I also appreciate the opportunity to be involved in the creation of internal improvements and processes in order to influence our deliveries.

    Viktor Selander

    ERP Consultant

  • Amesto is a fantastic place to work, with dedicated and wonderful colleagues who make you look forward to going to work, even on a gray Monday. A place where you get the opportunity to influence and have freedom with responsibility. The best thing about working at Amesto is the opportunity to get to know different companies, their processes and the joy of helping them and their employees find good solutions that improve and streamline their work day.

    Eva Altø

    ERP Consultant

  • The best thing about working at Amesto is the diversity. We have expertise and delivery capability across disciplines and systems that help us deliver a variety of projects and services. We meet and get to know customers in many different industries. One of the most rewarding things about the job is getting to know customers, their needs and wishes, as well as creating a dialogue about areas for improvement and assisting the customer in simplifying and developing their processes. It's really fun to help create a better and easier everyday work life for people! At Amesto, we work continuously with change and innovation. We are curious about the future, and we have a very good and open work environment where we constantly collaborate across teams and disciplines. As an employee, you experience great opportunities for development, and we have a fantastic culture that is characterized by openness, freedom and curiosity.

    Kaja Sandbakken

    ERP Consultant

  • The first time I interacted with Amesto was through a phone call as a customer. I was in a difficult situation and needed help to solve a problem. The great thing about Amesto is that you don’t just get help. You get an experience, and that is really something that I value. At Amesto, there are employees who are very passionate about their jobs, and who give a little extra. As an employee, you want to do more than just help. You want to build a relationship. A relationship that creates security and satisfaction for each individual customer. I love working at Amesto because there are so many talented and awesome people here. At Amesto, you get plenty of time to grow and become good at your job.

    Oliver Tobias Gran

    ERP Consultant

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