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Why we love to work at Amesto.

  • One of the things I like best about working at Amesto is that I have fun at work every week. You get the opportunity to be part of many different projects and get to know several exciting industries. The learning curve has been steep, but challenges has been manageable due to the incredibly talented colleagues I have. We are simply an awesome place to work

    Siri Marie Bakken

    Senior Consultant

  • In Amesto, we have the best minds, both professionally and in terms of personality. I value the flexibility and development opportunities Amesto facilitates. In addition, I think it's great to be involved in helping customers towards a simpler everyday life

    Mathias Adrian Iversen

    Senior Consultant

  • The best thing about working at Amesto is that we have an active approach to helping our customers. The methodology we practice is strongly aimed at finding the customer's actual needs and focusing on solving this. In this way, we create great value for customers and contribute further to their value creation. Being able to work in a strong professional environment that ensures continuous development and learning is also very motivating and a driving force that contributes to good customer value

    Daniel Skiftesvik

    Associate Consultant

  • There are 2 things that I love about working in Amesto TechHouse Insight: the team spirit and the freedom. No matter the challenge, I know that the guys and gals on my team will help me figure out the solution. These superstars really have my back! We work together, we bounce ideas off each other, we encourage and motivate each other. And we have the freedom to go for whatever we want to explore, whether it's full automation of Power BI with PowerShell, real time data updating with Power Apps, full immersion in Azure or Dataflows, or whatever new methodology, technology or feature you are passionate about

    Ioana Bouariu

    Senior Consultant

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