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We give insight in how to aquire the right customers and make them love you.



Working in a consulting firm is quite different from working in a "regular company".

Why we love to work at Amesto.

  • At Amesto, we get the freedom that a modern job requires - when life is more than work.

    Søren Lyster Rasmussen

    Teamleader and CRM Consultant

  • Working at Amesto equals a varied workday with many opportunities for personal development. It is incredibly exciting to be a part of the development journey for many different companies and industries. In addition, I am on a team with very talented colleagues who are happy to share their knowledge with me. It is fun and challenging to work at Amesto.

    Pia Askevold Skjørten

    CRM Consultant

  • There are many positive things about working at Amesto, but to name a few, the flexibility of workplace and time is something that has a positive impact on my private life. Also, it feels good that the company cares about people and our planet, and that they put their action behind it. Last but not least I have a great passion for helping customers and improving their everyday lives, and my job let me do this, which gives me great satisfaction.

    Erik Rehnberg

    Business consultant

  • At Amesto you get the opportunity to influence your own everyday life. Our own flexibility manifesto gives you the freedom to decide from where and when you work. In addition, you get to influence how you contribute to us achieving our common goals. For my own part, the opportunity for learning has probably been the most attractive in this job. The colleagues around me have an insane amount of expertise, which I still have the pleasure of taking part in. Here you get to develop constantly, which means that the job never gets boring.

    Tom Erik Helle

    Teamleader and CRM Consultant

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