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Except from L33t, who are we?

Why we love to code at Amesto.

  • I really enjoy the freedom and flexibility that Amesto gives me to perform my tasks. I also like the variation in the projects that i am involved in. It both challenges me and allows me to work with new and exciting technologies

    Rasmus Karlsson


  • At Amesto I get to do exciting tasks where I have a very big saying of what technologies goes into the tech stack. I have a great flexibility in working hours which gives me a good work life balance

    Søren Lund


  • What really excites me with my work at Amesto is the possibility to help smaller companies compete with the industry giants by smart and efficient digitalization. It encourages me to be both creative and solution oriented performing my tasks. I really enjoy working with my colleagues, the possibility to speak my mind if i disagree with something and knowing that my opinion counts towards decisions

    Peter Selberg

    Product Manager

  • What i enjoy most with my work as a operation manager and integration designer is the posibillity to work in the intermediary between the various professional units in the company. Our customers all have different needs and it excites me to be a part of their digital journey towards important technological decisions. In addition to challenging and varied tasks i also have great colleagues that i can easily rely upon if im stuck with something. I have flexible hours and can work wherever i want, which i really enjoy.

    Arne Martin Salt Myklebust

    Operations manager & Integration designer

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